Veterans: Untapped Pool with Rich Skill Set

Countering the Great Resignation with Niche Recruiting

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Veterans" Untapped Pool with Rich Skill SetEmployers everywhere are continuing to question where they are going to find an adequate workforce during this phenomenon called the “Great Resignation.” CEO and Founder of Pearl Interactive Network, an innovative niche contact center business process organization (BPO), Merry Korn, says the answer is in niche recruiting. “There are pockets of niche referral sources with a robust volume with strong candidates who are eager to work hard,” she offers. The reward for a concerted effort to target niche candidates is a dedicated, loyal workforce. “The key to niche hiring success is for employers to create a work environment that embraces diversity and creates a culture of inclusiveness,” she continues.

“At Pearl, we find that Veterans bring many strengths to the workplace,” states VP of Government Business Development, Jean Murphy. Veterans possess a strong work ethic and take pride in the challenges and satisfaction of a job well done. In other words, they carry a sense of duty and are organized and disciplined. Many Veterans have learned what it means to put in a hard day’s work and have the ability to follow through on assignments, even under difficult or stressful circumstances. Much of this attitude translates to their participation in the civilian workforce, making Veterans an asset to employers. With large numbers of individuals seeking employment each year, this is a prime, untapped pool of candidates with a rich skill set.[1]

Each year, approximately 250,000 Veterans are transitioning from military to civilian life.[2] Sixty-six percent of Veterans reporting that it is difficult to find work after separating from the military. Part of the challenge lies in hiring managers understanding the transferrable skills that Veterans bring from the field to the office: 79 percent of Veterans and 72 percent of hiring managers reporting difficulty translating military skills into the civilian sector.[3]

About Pearl Interactive Network

Pearl is a woman-owned small business, HUBZone certified, social impact firm focused on government and commercial BPO contracts. Pearl Interactive Network is a domestic BPO specializing in health, beneficiary, and education services. Known for delivering high-touch, white-glove customer service experiences, Pearl concentrates on the delivery of calls that require a complex resolution while developing a personal emotional connection between the agent and caller. Pearl’s culture of caring is at the core of everything they do, and a driving force in transforming the lives of those they serve. Founded in 2004, Pearl takes great pride in their hiring preferences for Veterans with disabilities, Veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and people living in economically challenged areas. They operate across the nation, with employees in 27 states.

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