How to Respond to the Great Resignation: Niche Recruiting

Innovative BPO Cracks Code for Locating Workforce

In December 2021, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobsi. Employers everywhere, including the business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry, are scrambling to fill those vacated seats. Pearl Interactive Network, an innovative niche talent business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, was prepared and did not miss a beat in efforts to locate workforce to fill hundreds of virtual positions. CEO and Founder, Merry Korn, attributes the company’s success with filling positions at a time when workers are voluntarily leaving their jobs in record numbers in a phenomenon called the “Great resignation” with two words- “niche recruiting.” With the colossal shift of remote positions becoming a permanent staple for many companies, there are four areas of niche recruiting that could soften the impact of this workforce shortage and keep operations on target.
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With approximately 12 million Veterans in the United Statesii and approximately 250,000 of them transitioning from military to civilian lifeiii each year, Veterans are a prime, untapped pool of candidates with a rich skill set.iv Veterans possess a strong work ethic and take pride in the challenges and satisfaction of a job well done. In other words, they carry a sense of duty and are organized and disciplined.

Military Spouses

Each year, an estimated 690,000 military spouses are seeking stable, gainful employment.v “Military spouses are one of America’s greatest untapped resources,” exclaims Lucie Piper, Women’s & Military Spouse Program Coordinator, American Corporate Partners. “They are not only more educated, but very adaptable. They are putting out fires at home, adjusting to constant change, and being primary caregivers. And they are very technology savvy and plugged in – out of necessity.”vi Military spouses are more highly educated than most working Americans, with 88% of military spouses having some post-high school education, 34% having a college degree, and 15% have a postgraduate degree.vii

Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

Hiring individuals with disabilities could be a worthwhile component of a company’s talent acquisition strategy. Of the 40 million adults in the United States living with a disability, approximately three million are Veterans and about 1.5 million report a service-connected disability.viii With a rate of over 12 percent, people with disabilities are a population with one of the highest incidences of unemployment.

Removing barriers to employment has always been a passion of Pearl’s CEO, Merry Korn, and is core to the company’s social mission, but she is quick to point out that there is a persuasive business case for an inclusive and accessible workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor contends that employers who have embraced disability as a component of their talent strategy, report a 90 percent increase in retention of valued employees and a 72 percent increase in employee productivity. In addition, 38 percent reported a savings in workers’ compensation or other insurance costs, and 28 percent report increased profitability. Why are they more profitable? Ninety percent of consumers surveyed indicate “they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire individuals with disabilities.”ix

People Living in Rural and other Economically Challenging Areas

Providing remote employment to individuals residing in underserved areas removes a profound barrier while accessing an untapped workforce. Remote employment has the opportunity to transform the lives of individuals living in rural, underserved areas, while at the same time providing the impetus for communities to rebuild.

During this unprecedented time, employers are beset by the impact of the “Great resignation,” there are pockets of niche referral sources with a robust volume of candidates who are eager to work. The reward for a concerted effort to target niche candidates is a dedicated, loyal workforce. The key to niche hiring success is for employers to create a work environment that embraces diversity and creates a culture of inclusiveness.

About Pearl Interactive Network

Pearl is a woman-owned small business, HUBZone certified, social impact firm focused on government and commercial BPO contracts. Pearl Interactive Network is a domestic BPO specializing in health, beneficiary, and education services. Known for delivering high-touch, white-glove customer service experiences, Pearl specializes in inbound calls that require a complex resolution while developing a personal emotional connection between the agent and caller. Pearl’s culture of caring is at the core of everything they do, and a driving force in transforming the lives of those they serve. Founded in 2004, Pearl takes great pride in a hiring preferences for Veterans with disabilities, Veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and people living in economically challenged areas. Pearl operates in 27 states. For more information, contact Scott Blackwell at or 248.895.0986.

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