Military Spouses – One of America’s Greatest Untapped Workforces

Niche Recruiting Strategy to Fill Great Resignation Vacancies

Army Family Series: Real American Soldier With Wife and SonStaying true to its mission of removing employment barriers, Pearl Interactive Network’s CEO and Founder, Merry Korn, says that “military spouses are one of America’s greatest untapped workforces.” When COVID-19 disrupted the world and workers were voluntarily leaving their jobs in record numbers in a phenomenon referred to as the “Great Resignation,” Pearl stayed the course and filled hundreds of virtual contact center positions. As a government and commercial business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, Pearl uniquely understands and knows how to reach and recruit military spouses looking for employment.

Traditionally, the unemployment rate among military spouses is more than four times that of the national rate of unemployed personsi. A 2019 report from Hire Heroes USA indicates 24% of military spouses are currently not employed and are actively seeking work. In comparison to March 2022 national unemployment rates of 3.6%ii, the rate of unemployed military spouses is more than six times the national average. Each year, an estimated 690,000 military spouses are seeking stable, gainful employmentiii.

“The biggest barrier to hiring military spouses is that they may move when their spouses get relocated,” says Michelle Matthews, director of the Show-Me Heroes Program, a statewide hiring initiative in Jefferson City, Missouriiv. With the average military family moving 8-12 times in a 20-year span, multiple relocations can provide significant challenges.

Why Should We Hire Military Spouses?

Employers are likely to disregard resumes with frequent job changes, employment gaps, and slow career advancement, doing so may remove a pool of highly competent and motivated employees. With fifty-five percent of military spouses saying they “need” to work and 90 percent saying they “want” to workv, according to BenefitsPro, there are a number of reasons why employers should consider military spouses as valuable candidates and even give them hiring preference as Pearl does.

  • Great Social & Networking Skills
  • Resourceful Team Players with Project Management Skills
  • Adaptable and Calm
  • Highly Educated

Work From Home Opens New Opportunities for Military Spouses

“Employers often fear a military spouse will leave after the employer has invested time and resources into training a military spouse,” Savant said. Pearl’s offering of remote work opportunities since its inception in 2004 has made it an ideal employer for military spouses who require the portability of their jobs, providing stability to both the employee and the employer. With remote contact center positions opening, this talented group of candidates is an important resource to access, especially during this “Great Resignation” period.

About Pearl Interactive Network

Pearl is a HUBZone certified, woman-owned small business focused on government and commercial healthcare and beneficiary services. Known for delivering high-touch, white-glove customer service experiences, Pearl concentrates on the delivery of interactions that require complex resolution while developing a personal emotional connection between the agent and caller. Pearl’s culture of caring is at the core of everything they do, and a driving force in transforming the lives of those they serve. Founded in 2004, Pearl takes great pride in their hiring preferences for people living in economically challenged areas, people with disabilities, military spouses, and Veterans. They operate across the nation, with employees in 31 states.

For more information on partnering with Pearl, please contact:

Scott Blackwell VP Business Development Commercial Sales

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