Pearl – Supporting the Business of Healthcare

Pearl supports the Business of Healthcare from enrollment and scheduling to patient encounters, claims and payments. We offer a wide range of services supporting Healthcare delivery, Payers & Providers, and other Beneficiary Services.

Pearl provides a wide range of clinical and non-clinical services including nursing, care navigation, and counseling; pre and post admission and discharge directives, remote patient monitoring and case management; 24/7 virtual behavioral triage and counseling and in-person behavioral counseling; and COVID-19 testing and vaccine scheduling.

Healthcare and Beneficiary Services chart Pearl supports payers and providers with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) support, eligibility determination, patient scheduling and referrals, claims processing, medical records management, and billing; provider credentialing and network enrollment; COVID-19 financial relief claims support; Medicare and Medicaid support; and IT Helpdesk services.

Pearl supports beneficiaries with healthcare eligibility determination, benefits education, enrollment, claims and appeals; disability benefits; and document and claims validation.

Our healthcare employees are frontline ambassadors who provide millions of people with consultative, compassionate, and often complex solutions. Our passion is to deliver “Services that Matter,” and this is what we do, everyday!

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Merry Korn, Owner and CEO:

Jean Murphy, VP Business Development – Government,

About Pearl Interactive Network

Pearl is a HUBZone certified, woman-owned small business focused on government and commercial healthcare and beneficiary services. Known for delivering high-touch, white-glove customer service experiences, Pearl concentrates on the delivery of interactions that require complex resolution while developing a personal emotional connection between the agent and caller. Pearl’s culture of caring is at the core of everything they do, and a driving force in transforming the lives of those they serve. Founded in 2004, Pearl takes great pride in their hiring preferences for people living in economically challenged areas, people with disabilities, military spouses, and Veterans. They operate across the nation, with employees in 31 states.