Inclusive Hiring: Personal Story & Pearls of Wisdom

Cover of our ebook has people of different backgrounds and races.Inclusive Hiring

Hiring. One simple word.  Hiring.  We discover a variety of different requirements when we peel back the layers of that one simple word. One of those layers inclusion.  This layer is complex and deep.  The same layers are involved in every hire we make. Every new team member we employ.

The complexity of the process can cloud our attentiveness to the candidate & their experience.  Think back to the last time you conducted your own job search.  How did you feel about your experience in the following areas?

  • Sourcing Phase
  • Application Phase
  • Interview Experience
  • Candidate Decision Time
  • Communication
  • Onboarding and Ongoing Support

For quite some time I reflected on my brother Michael’s story.   Michael is one of the strongest people I know.  He has inspired me in many ways.  His journey has not been an easy one. I wondered how I could inspire others with his story.  The thought “eBook” came to mind.  The rest is history.  Please download our eBook: Inclusive Hiring – Michael’s Personal Story.

My hope is this eBook will encourage you to view every individual candidate for their skillset and qualifications through a lens of equality.  Not through a lens of “pressure to fulfill an OFCCP requirement”.

At Pearl Interactive Network, Inc. our CEO, Merry Korn, has pioneered a unique company with a passionate mission. Her collaboration with a Niche Workforce, Telehealth, Commercial and Government Agencies, Contact Center Program Management, 508 Remediation Services and Sourcing Services has created an impactful business model.   Her vision has created opportunities that span many industries.  Because of these opportunities, Pearl has grown from 20 employees to over 470 employees! We look forward to a future of expanding our reach to assist our Niche workforce.

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