Goals for Your Business: Accessibility

Categories: Disability issues, Government Services

Goals: Vision, Hearing, Fine Motor Skills

Infographic states: DEFINE YOUR ACCESSIBILITY GOALS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS, AWARENESS, CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS, PUT IT ALL TOGETHER - pertains to article text.Accessibility for individuals with vision, hearing, color-blindness, or fine motor skill impairments is obtainable. To accomplish accessibility goals, it may require a few simple changes or a complete make-over. To start, test and see what needs to be done.

Start by making assessments. Meaning test your site, documents, presentation modules, videos/audio files & graphics.

Download an assistive reader such as NVDA. Start with your website(s). Does the reader read it smoothly? If not, you will need to check the tab order.

Check your PDF documents or downloadable content with the screen reader. If it won’t read, it is not tagged correctly.

Ensure graphics, photos or other illustrations have an alternate description.

Check video and audio files for captions. Provide transcripts to ensure people with hearing impairment can access the content.

Taking these beginning steps will assist with making your business more accessible. It may even provide you with a new customer!

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