Focusing on the Right Stuff During Your Job Search

Looking for a new job in today’s market is competitive and challenging to say the least. There are several minor things people overlook.  Making a few adjustments are the difference in landing the interview and the job itself, or not.  Take these suggestions to heart. They will impact your ability to be considered a potential candidate for the job.

Artificial Intelligence & Cover Letters:

Pearl does not rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen résumés. We (our Talent Acquisition “TA” Team) does read résumés. Cover letters may seem to be a “thing of the past”.  At Pearl we welcome cover letters and we do read them.  Cover letters are important especially when working with our niche candidates.  They may desire to explain a work gap or a situation that would not be appropriate to include on a résumé.

Check Grammar & Spelling:

Please use spell check! Do not rely on it to be perfect. There are many words that may pass spell check that are in fact incorrect. A good example is when you thought you typed manager and accidently left out an “a”.  Instead it reads “manger”.  It is a good idea to read your résumé over a few times even after you have conducted spell check.  Have someone else proofread it as well. Better safe than sorry!

Voicemail & Follow-Up:

You’ve submitted your résumé and are waiting to hear back from your potential “new employer”. Please do not overlook the following important details.  When it comes to your voicemail greeting, be certain the message is appropriate. Think of it as the first impression you are making when the TA Consultant calls to speak with you about your résumé. If your phone plays music as a ring option that the caller hears, please change this option back to a normal ring while you are searching for a job.  It will come across much more professional.  TA staff members and hiring managers will take notice of things that reflect who you are and your genuine interest in working with their company.

Telephone Interview & Initial Contact:

Make sure you are in a quiet place.  Where you will be able to focus and concentrate.  Treat a phone interview just as though you are sitting across from the interviewer.  Make sure there is no background noise like a TV or music playing.   If it is not a good time, simply let the TA know. They will be happy to schedule another time for you when you can concentrate on the call. This is a definite requirement.  TA teams are extremely busy and if this call is not handled professionally they may move on to the next candidate.

Your Email Address:

A professional email address is important when looking for work. Create a separate email to track correspondence.  There are easy options such as creating a gmail account for your job search. This will insure you do not miss important information or replies from potential employers in your personal inbox.

These tips will help you be the best version of yourself during your job search.  Authenticity is always important.  The suggestions above are not to change who you are. These suggestions are to assist you in landing the job you are seeking by creating a new layer of professionalism to the amazing and talented employee you hope to become in your search for your perfect opportunity.

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