Amazing employees = Amazing culture! Wishing Timothy, the best of luck

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Pearl Interactive Network is a caring and fun employer driven by respect and integrity from our core!  Recently, at our Winchester, KY site I had the honor of hearing a story of one of our long-time employees, Timothy Ratcliffe, who worked as a Customer Service Representative.

Timothy was asked how he felt about Pearl and his response impacted me, as well as the entire direct team he works with.  Timothy shared: “I have worked for Pearl since September of 2013, when the Winchester, KY doors were opened. Leaving Pearl nearly 4 years later is bittersweet. As I move onto bigger challenges, I can look back at my tenure here and know that the skills I have learned and honed have helped me to move onto the next step in my career. With the help of a great supervisory team, training team and management team, (who have all helped to push me to become better) I have learned to push myself and never give up. If working for Pearl has helped me, I know it can help others.”

When his supervisor Bradley was asked to describe Timothy, he shared: “I have known of Timothy during his time working with Pearl because of his continued excellent performance. On paper, you can see he is one of the top employees to ever work for Pearl. He joined my team in April and I have been able to get to know Tim at a one-on-one level. He has shown me why he has excelled since working at Pearl by the dedication he puts into his work. He strives to always stay up to date on changing information, he also shares his knowledge with his peers, asks questions from management to improve his current and future job skills, and is super competitive on a daily basis to be one of the team’s best employees. Timothy is an exceptional employee and will be missed.”

We want to thank YOU Timothy for the amazing impact you have made during your tenure with Pearl.  While Pearl is sad to see Timothy move on, it truly has been an honor and a gift to work with him and the opportunity to impact his life in such a positive way is gratifying.  We wish Timothy the very best in his future and we hope to illustrate through his story that we, Pearl Interactive Network, care for our employees and their professional growth!

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Written by:  Michelle Vance

Michelle is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Pearl Interactive Network, and has been involved in recruitment for over 25 years.  She has extensive experience in both diversity-focused recruitment as well as civilian-focused recruitment; with some of the largest known employers and smaller entities. Both of her sons served our country during 911. Her brother is a disabled veteran and her sister-in-law was a double-amputee.  She has a passion to ensure accuracy in the veteran & disability recruitment space, and hopes her unique perspectives offer enlightenment within this hiring arena.