About Pearl

Who We Are: People aren’t just our passion, it’s what makes us a top-performing program management and staffing solutions company.

Pearl Interactive Network (Pearl) is different than other contact center, program management and staffing companies because our business is built on a people-driven culture. Whether it’s taking our own funds and investing in a bus to transport employees or holding employee appreciation days, Pearl offers employees a supportive, family-like environment.

By taking care of the team serving your specific needs, they can focus on taking care of you. That’s why we have high retention and recall rates. Another reason for this is our recruitment and hiring practices. Pearl is steadfast when aligning people with impeccable performance and your organization’s goals, while holding a strong ability to scale quickly without compromising quality or culture. We also invest in our clients’ communities, which is appealing to prospective candidates. This can range from school supply drives for the local school system to participating in local festivals.

Who We Hire:

We give hiring priorities to: Disabled veterans, veterans, people with disabilities, military spouses and people living in geographically-challenged areas. Given our combined business and social mission, our company name includes “Interactive Network.” We interact and network with clients, candidate referral sources, and candidates.

We have access to over 28,000 candidate referral sources and a data warehouse containing more than 450,000 niche workforce resumes. At Pearl, we have a people-centric focus resulting in long-term contracts, higher engagement and retention. We provide an exceptional workforce that quickly becomes an invaluable member of your internal team. Pearl has the ability to scale quickly for fast ramp ups and staffing surges.

Our Mission: We are a social enterprise that gives hiring priority to skilled and talented people who comprise our niche workforce including disabled veterans, veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities and those who live in geographically-challenged areas.

Our Vision:  Committed to giving back to the community by providing opportunities to our niche workforce while providing a way for our clients and partners to meet social and compliance goals.

Our Values:

  • Impeccable quality
  • Delivering results
  • Collaboration
  • Can-do attitude
  • Family-like environment
  • Innovative ideas

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