Accessibility: Website Creation and Auditing Part 3 of 3

Accessibility: Website Creation & Auditing Part 3 or 3In Part 1 and Part 2 of This Series

I provided some basic information on building an accessible website.  At this point, your website is built. You believe it is compliant, but you want to do an audit to make sure.

Website Criteria

There are several automated solutions available. Below I have listed some key points that fall under WCAG 2.0 criteria for accessible websites. While you are auditing your website, keep these points in mind:

  • Technical specifications address alternative text. HTML defines the alternative text attribute (alt) of the image element (img).
  • WAI guidelines – (WCAG, ATAG, and UAAG) define how to implement alternative text for accessibility in the different components.
  • Developers provide the appropriate alternative text wording for alternative text. Avoid jargon and special characters.
  • Authoring tools such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC enable, facilitate, and promote providing alternative text on a web page.
  • Evaluation tools are used to help check that alternative text exists.
  • User agents provide human and machine interface to the alternative text.
  • Assistive technologies such as NVDA or JAWS provide human interface to the alternative text in various modalities. Download a copy of these and test your site with them. Familiarize yourself with settings. Note optimal settings and browsers.
  • Users know how to get the alternative text from their user agent and/or assistive technology as needed. Ask for user feedback!

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