Accessibility: Website Creation and Auditing Part 1 of 3

Accessibility: Website Creation & Auditing Part 1 or 3In previous articles, I have covered topics such as downloadable content, computer languages, automation and testing. All these activities are equally important. Testing or auditing your site is imperative to keep it functioning as planned and allowing for accessibility.

Auditing is essential to a website. There are several components that need to work in harmony to provide the finished and accessible site. Below we will examine the individual elements that need to interact to achieve a successful website.

These components include:

  • Content:
    • The information that is being presented on a web page.  This can include information such as text, videos, images, graphics, photographs and audio files.
  • Developers Tools:
    • Designers, coders, authors, templates, and automation tools.
  • Authoring Tools:
    • Software that creates web sites, menu bars, social media buttons etc. If it is a sales website there may be register or storefront tools included.
  • Built-in Features:
    • Media players must also be accessible. Other built-ins can include items that are found in eLearning courses.  eLearning courses may include quizzes, polls or surveys. These types of features MUST include alternate text.  At minimum they must provide a way for the user with a disability to access it.

Building a website is only the beginning. There are other components necessary to be fully accessible. These include providing information on optimal web browsers, machine settings including available extensions, recommendations on screen reader tools such as JAWS or NVDA, and their best settings for optimal performance. Consider anything else the end-user may need. All the various elements, while considered individual components of a website, MUST be able to interact with each other to accomplish accessibility.

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