5 Things Recruiters Want from Job Candidates

Are you currently in the job market? Looking for a new position?  Have you wondered why a recruiter has not contacted you?  Here are five simple tips that can make a huge difference in your job search!

Professional behavior

Recruiters pay attention to your behavior. For example, how you handle yourself during the initial phone interview, or how you handle your follow-up communication. Rather than coming across as a nuisance, when following up with a recruiter, ask him/her a question to clarify something that came up in the interview. Use your time with the recruiter wisely.

Professional attire

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Recruiters pay very close attention to this. Even if the position is for a position in an extremely casual environment, come to the interview dressed as though you actually put some thought and effort into it.  This most definitely applies to video interviews as well!

Positive attitude

Over-confidence and/or arrogance are two big “no-no’s.” While we understand you may be the most qualified candidate with the most perfect skill set, exhibiting cockiness or arrogance, will not sit well with the interviewer. Coming into an interview with the assumption that you are much smarter than the person interviewing you can almost guarantee you will NOT get the job. While confidence is important, arrogance is frowned upon.

Don’t focus on salary

Discussing compensation early in the interview can be a red flag. Compensation is important and there will be an appropriate time to have this discussion. Trying to figure out too much and focus too long on compensation can show you are in it for the money alone and may not have the passion for the job.  It’s definitely a fine line. Let the interviewer lead that conversation.

Always send a thank-you note

Regardless of what most people might consider an “outdated” thing to do, always write a simple thank-you note to each of your interviewers and send them out a couple days after your interview. Oh, and let me re-iterate: “Send” = snail mail! Yes — where you put a stamp on an envelope, address it and mail it!  This will help you stand out from the others.  Most candidates will not take this extra step.

The bottom line: Recruiters are typically your first connection and/or interaction with your potential new employer.  Use your common sense and think about exactly how you want them to remember you.  For more information and tips please visit us at Pearl Interactive Network. Check out our job listings at Pinsourcing.com.

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About Michelle Vance

Michelle is a recruiter at Pearl Interactive Network, and has been involved in recruitment for over 25 years.  She has been exposed to diversity-focused recruitment as well as civilian-focused recruitment; with some of the largest known employers and smaller entities. Both of her sons served our country during 911. She has a passion to ensure accuracy in the veteran recruitment space, and hopes her unique perspectives offer enlightenment in the veteran hiring arena.

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