What We Do

Our business is a social enterprise that delivers program management and contact center staffing services (client-site or virtual) — tapping a workforce of skilled and talented agents nationwide. What makes us unique is the workforce we tap: Disabled veterans, veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and people living in geographically-challenged areas. Given our combined business and social mission, our company name includes “Interactive Network”. We interact and network with clients, candidate referral sources, and candidates.

We have access to over 28,000 candidate referral sources and a data warehouse containing more than 450,000 niche workforce resumes. We can ramp up to staff contracts. Our goal is to provide outstanding service. We believe in winning long-term relationships. We’ve learned that the key to success comes from mutual respect, mutual goals, and mutual mission.

Pearl has employees in 20 states, and is registered to do business in 40 states.

Our services include:

  • Program management
  • Call center staffing services (outbound and inbound)
  • Sourcing services
  • Administrative services
  • Back office support
  • Help desk
  • Account management