Federal Program Management

Contact Center & Telehealth Services Program Management for Federal Agencies

Pearl Interactive Network (Pearl) is a one-stop resource to program manage, recruit, source and operate contact centers and telehealth services for government agencies. We are rated a top performing federal government contact center because we do what it takes to meet performance and growth goals.  How we do it comes down to the following:Woman with grey hair wearing a headset

Program management: Whether it’s selecting or building out a chosen site, we bring contact center blueprints and guidelines to life – no matter the timing. In fact, we completed full ramp-up staffing of 390 customer service representatives under 90 days for one federal government contact center operation. Pearl customizes a process ideal for your organization’s needs. This provides outsourcing solutions that result in consistent service delivery – from recruitment to retention, to engaging consumers based on their desired channel.

People: We win and keep contracts because of our unique approach to people the epicenter of contact centers. This starts with our proven approach to source, hire and train the best team – with special expertise and emphasis on recruiting veterans, disabled veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities and people living in geographically challenged areas. But we don’t stop there. We create a culture focused on taking care of the call center team so they can focus on the audiences you serve – resulting in better performance and greater retention, even for seasonal workers.

Technology: Experience with a multitude of legacy and cloud-based contact center platforms and applications enables Pearl to work with your existing platform.

Omnichannel: The expertise needed to engage your audiences based on their specific preferences. Whether it’s phone, social media, mobile, email or chat, we have access to the omnichannel customer experience skills you require.

Performance: We have a strong track record of meeting performance goals and complying with stringent requirements. That’s where our best practices and processes in program and workforce management, extensive training and accessible leadership team come into play. We get Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) deliverables and design our performance tracking and analytics around your specifications. Reports are customized, based on your desired formats, frequency and analytics.

Workforce ManagementEnsuring a contact center or help desk is staffed appropriately to meet surges in activity is essential. Our managers are skilled in workforce management and have the ability to navigate seasonal activity and normal call volume.

Put the right people, technology and processes in place to quickly ramp up a high performing government contact center or telehealth service. Contact Pearl today.