Our Clients

We offer people-focused solutions to government entities and companies

Pearl Interactive Network (Pearl) offers talent and contact center solutions to help organizations leverage people to meet their goals. A women-owned business, the team at Pearl has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors:

  • Government: We allow state and federal government departments and agencies achieve program management goals through staffing and contact centers. Whether you’re looking to operationalize a contact center within weeks or find staff to support an urban wellness initiative, Pearl can help. A top performing government contractor due to our ability to hire and retain accountable, results-oriented employees, Pearl specializes in complex, multinational and multistate contracts. We are DCAA compliant and are registered in 40 states. ┬áLearn more about our government contact center expertise.
  • Corporate: Companies turn to Pearl to hand-craft contact centers that align with their business goals. Whether your contact center is onsite, virtual or a hybrid of the two, we can help you determine the right solution for you. Our contact center experts can also help you with site selection, infrastructure, technology, staffing and in-depth training. We also offer contact center performance analytics to ensure optimal success by increasing operational efficiencies, reducing workforce costs and getting in front of potential issues.

Pearl specializes in contact center solutions for insurance, telemedicine, healthcare, pharmaceutical and senior care.

If you want impeccable quality and results, contact Pearl today.