Five Tips on Social Media and Your Future Employer!

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In today’s market with Social Media being the center of everything from personal to professional it is critical to understand how your personal profiles are interpreted by potential employers and/or their Talent Acquisition staff members while searching for a new job.  Here are 5 tips that will help you stand out during your job search: ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Five Tips on Social Media and Your Future Employer!"

5 Things Recruiters Want from Job Candidates

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Are you currently in the job market? Looking for a new position?  Have you wondered why a recruiter has not contacted you?  Here are five simple tips that can make a huge difference in your job search! Professional behavior Recruiters pay attention to your behavior. For example, how you handle yourself during the initial phone ... Continue ArticleClick here for "5 Things Recruiters Want from Job Candidates"

5 Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

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As I thought about why employers may want to hire military veterans, the following qualities came to mind. If you have hiring needs, and have doubts about hiring veterans, consider these qualities that veterans bring to the table. Loyalty: The dictionary describes this as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” This is an excellent ... Continue ArticleClick here for "5 Reasons to Hire Military Veterans"

Pearl Corporate Team Donates Gifts to Military Veteran’s Family

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This holiday season the Pearl corporate team “adopted” a military veteran’s family who had fallen on hard times. We wanted to provide Christmas presents for a truly needy family with children. Working with the Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) in Columbus, we were given a list of the family’s children with their specific Christmas wishes. ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Pearl Corporate Team Donates Gifts to Military Veteran’s Family"