Website Accessibility: Learning the Languages

Categories: 508 Compliance, Disability issues, Government Services
Learning the Languages When making websites accessible for assistive readers such as NVDA or JAWS, it is very helpful to know or at least understand computer languages.  Websites use a language that the machine understands. A developer or programmer can tell the machine what they would like it to do. Communicating instructions in an understandable ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Website Accessibility: Learning the Languages"

Focusing on the Right Stuff During Your Job Search

Categories: Job and Career Tips, Recruiting & Hiring, Veteran Services
Looking for a new job in today’s market is competitive and challenging to say the least. There are several minor things people overlook.  Making a few adjustments are the difference in landing the interview and the job itself, or not.  Take these suggestions to heart. They will impact your ability to be considered a potential ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Focusing on the Right Stuff During Your Job Search"

Goals for Your Business: Accessibility

Categories: 508 Compliance, Disability issues, Government Services
Goals: Vision, Hearing, Fine Motor Skills Accessibility for individuals with vision, hearing, color-blindness, or fine motor skill impairments is obtainable. To accomplish accessibility goals, it may require a few simple changes or a complete make-over. To start, test and see what needs to be done. Start by making assessments. Meaning test your site, documents, presentation ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Goals for Your Business: Accessibility"

Accessibility: Delivering the Message on Facebook

Categories: 508 Compliance, Company news, Disability issues, Government Services
Many companies utilize Facebook (FB) as a marketing tool.  Recently FB changed its algorithms.  This has become frustrating for businesses who utilize FB as a deliverable platform. The algorithms have caused decreased visibility when posting business advertisements or responding to customer inquiries. What starts on Facebook affects other social media platforms as well. “We’ll show ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Accessibility: Delivering the Message on Facebook"