Merry Korn Testifies Supporting HB 492 Ohio Business Women’s Certification

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Merry Korn provided testimony today in support of Ohio House Bill 492, which would create the Ohio Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification program, before the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee chaired by Representative Marlene Anielski (R- Walton Hills). Korn testified that her firm, Pearl Interactive Network, regularly encounters challenges to accessing state government ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Merry Korn Testifies Supporting HB 492 Ohio Business Women’s Certification"

Accessibility: Common Challenges & Solutions

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There are common challenges and solutions within 508 compliances I will address in this blog. Many businesses and individuals are under the assumption that 508 compliances under the American with Disabilities Act cover only visual impairments via assistive readers, or captioning videos for hearing impairments. Those are, in fact, two major types of impairments that ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Accessibility: Common Challenges & Solutions"

Accessibility: Business Presentations

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Business Presentations At various times throughout our careers, we may be called upon to make a presentation. Whatever field you represent presentations are an excellent tool for distributing information. Whether it is financial figures, product design layouts or even a training presentation. Whatever your chosen subject is, be prepared and make it accessible! With current ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Accessibility: Business Presentations"

Accessibility: Captioning Video and Providing Transcripts

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A Few Helpful Tips for Captioning & Transcribing I do almost everything on the web. From shopping to all my work-related tasks. After surfing the web recently, I noticed using video, podcasts and other forms of audio are popular as a means of communicating information. Some websites were great, and I would certainly visit them ... Continue ArticleClick here for "Accessibility: Captioning Video and Providing Transcripts"